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About Me

                                                     WHO IS BEHIND THIS BLOG?

Jeremiah Hagher Zenda aka Cyracks, is the founder and brain box behind A blog he shares much about the latest tech news in town, how to earn a living online, resale right products, useful computer software and phone applications, phone, PC tips and tricks together with free browsing and how to dos, Blogging tips and tutorials, SEO tips, blogging for profit and more. Among which he also love to share, is his journey so far and experiences learn t through surfing the internet in search for information and ideas on how to make it online plus other stuffs.


I discovered that a lot of people have got little or no knowledge about how things work. I setup this blog to explain in details and in simple terms how to do this things. This blog has interesting tutorials on technology, electronic gadgets, useful computer software and phone application, blogging tips, SEO tips, how to make money with your ideas and knowledge on the internet, anything about resale rights products, information and how to do stuffs generally. This blog is akin to a multipurpose blog but I intend to make it focus but not strictly confined to the above topics.


My journey on this medium has never been smooth; it has never been all rosy affairs for me because to say the truth, I have encountered numerous setback and heart breaking challenges when I set up this blog. if not for my passion I would have quit long time ago. Nothing good comes easy. I would not like to explain each woebegone one after the other because they might differ and definitely not be your challenge. But what ever the challenges you face in life in anything you are doing, be ready to beat them down and stand tall.

I started blogging around May 2010 but I put in seriousness around September the same year. But before then, what really motivated me was when I hit Google to search for any possible way(s) the internet can be utilized with the believe that Google answers any kind of questions put to them. So I started reading articles on how Google search engine makes huge amount of money on the internet. And also with the likes of yahoo, YouTube, Facebook etc. but how as a Nigerian can I make it the way they do?

On December 25th 2010 after eating my Christmas rice and chicken, I sat under the tree and started browsing as usual then I came across an article through that read HOW AN AVERAGE NIGERIAN CAN EASILY AND LEGITIMATELY MAKE =N= 450, 000 OR MORE ON THE INTERNET BY MR. CHRIS EGBULONU O. It totally convinced me without thinking twice then I started my research (not action) immediately. I never acted upon simply because I wanted to take my time and understand the nature of the business and how possible it is and also to avoid any mistake that would cost me., Google,,, Chris Carpenter, John Chow etc was where I derived all my knowledge and after that, in other to broaden my horizon, I hit the ground running to setup this blog.


I had always dream high, apart from wanting to make heaven, my dreams is to make my blog an authority, where people will come and find solutions to their problems. And with GOD beside me, I believe my dreams shall com true.


The road to success is not straight, there is a curve called failure, the loop called confusion, speed bump called friends, red light called enemies and caution lights called family. But if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance and insurance called faith, driver called knowledge, you will make it to a place called success. JUST BELIEVE IN GOD, PUT YOUR EFFORT AND LEAVE THE REST FOR HIM


My special dedication goes to the Almighty GOD, for giving me the strength, power, knowledge inspiration and skills at my disposal and for also making my blog be a success through this way, without his unending grace, mercy, love and forgiveness am nothing. In anything i do, I will always give thanks to HIM through our LORD CHRIST JESUS Colossians 3:17.
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