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Why Bother Use Instagram For Your WP Business? Learn Why

Instagram is often termed as social channel, which help you snap photos and even videos, add some creative filters to it and share the same with followers. You can then post the pictures not just on IG but on other social channels like Twitter and Facebook. Now, there are some special tips available for the IG users on ways they can use Instagram effectively for business related purposes. If used well, IG can turn into a tool for building your brand. Now the steps are not that easy as it might seems and takes some hard work from the user’s sides as well. Just don’t lose hope and things will turn out pretty right.

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Start off with the IG for your business:

The first point that might come in your mind is think even before you click. For that, you might have to ask some of your questions. What is your main purpose of using IG? What is going to be the style and tone of what you want to portray as images? Then you have to be a regular user first before transforming your IG personal account into business one. It is always a clever idea to experience IG as regular user so that you will know how people actually take up IG. That will offer you with ideas for tying this social platform with other media marketing efforts well. Some more details are available from for you to see.

  • Next, you need to know more about your product. What are you planning to sell or what do you want to use for selling the services? Without being way too promotional, you can easily get followers engaging with product. IG is all about the people taking some pictures on every day scale.
  • Next, you need to establish customer profile. Brands which actually establish customer profile will first monitor the type of contest as posted by followers. For example, a brand might notice that majority of the follower’s posts images of shoes.
  • After that, they will coordinate with the social media campaigns. Here, the main question is how possibly can you use IG in conjunction with current Twitter and FB activities? Next, you have to think quite strategically about posts. Just only IG is series of visuals that does not mean you should think strategically about what you can post and when.
  • It is really important for you to choose the handle quite carefully. Whenever you are trying to set up IG account, it is always advisable to use the same username as Twitter account. So, whenever the content is tagged and then shared on Twitter, the username links to the bio of the account.
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Perfect content for your use:

It is really important to show off the items with sneak previews, if you actually want your business to grow on IG. Clothing firms and even some of the publishers might use IG for giving some sneak previews of the added features before the launch date. The same goes for the digital companies, dealing with important WordPress based practices. Always remember that cuteness sells. It is a known fact that cute animals with some funny quotes are among those categories, which are likely to go viral first. Keep that in mind while working on the WP business. People will like the image you created for that visceral reaction.

IG on WP

You can also announce some new hires in the WordPress world, promote culture or up to date technologies for the WP section and through IG only. IG is a perfect place for announcing some new hires, profiling staff and even promotes your firm as trendy and fun place to work on updated WP deals. You might even have to showcase customers and services. Some companies do a really great job by giving their followers taste of their companies on IG. It will showcase the customers and some other things they do just to make person’s in-flight experience a bit more enjoyable.

Have to use the IG filters effectively:

While using IG filters, you have to start with a thoughtful approach first. You may not think that selecting one filter over other might lead to noticeable shift in engagement, but it actually does for the record. So, using the correct filter can always create around 60% increase in the average engagement routine, even for something as technical as WordPress based businesses for the novices.
  • Moreover, you have to consider the location first. IG is perfect for making standard scenery shot look just much more appealing. For that, you just have to intensify the colors with the help of some filters like Hefe, which can also turn just an average sunset into something quite spectacular.
  • If you want, you can easily show a style sense. The rule is rather simple! In case the photo does not look good even before you select an IG filter, it might not look good later. IG filters might help give great photo an artsy and even a professional look. However, it is mandatory that the end product fits quite well with style that your company is trying to portray.
  • Lo Fi is just amazing for the restaurants. The high saturation makes the colors turn richer immediately and average sandwich might look like an awesome meal for sure.
  • If you want, you have every right to experiment with retro. IG has loads of filters which can change photos into images of time as gone by. Everyone likes those “do you remember when” type moments.

So, just try thinking about the brand’s history and use IG for showing users visual depiction of it.
The main aim of using IG is to show your brand’s personality. Businesses should always look at its best when on social channel, especially like IG with over 800 million active users. There needs to be a nice balance of showing the personality of the brand and also giving followers the information they want about your brand. So, make sure to get these points straight first.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. You can visit and learn how to build more follower presence.

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