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When you drink a glass of Milk daily, this is what happens to your body

Do you love milk? Milk is among the most nutritious drinks out there. Children can survive y drinking milk alone. Have you ever asked yourself what will happen if you drink a glass of milk daily?  It is recommended to drink milk if you want to grow big and stronger as you age. Milk contains several nutrients, which are good for your health.

Calcium is among the most beneficial nutritious elements in milk. Calcium is good for better bones. If you have been found to have weak bones then it is recommended to drink a glass of milk in order to be stronger.

According to a study by Harvard University and the Dairy Education Board, milk also contains proteins that are a good source of energy. The proteins also help in building and repairing muscles tissues. The drink is also enriched with niacin that metabolizes fatty acids and sugars.

Increased consumption of milk in your daily diet also adds to the intake of potassium, which is great for the maintenance of healthy blood pressure. Furthermore, milk contains Riboflavin that converts food into energy for better functioning of the body.

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