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How To Use Airtel Data Plan Code to Subscribe 1000 For 3gb On Android 2018

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airtel best data plan

Do you know that airtel data subscription of N1000 for 3GB still exist? this airtel subscription has been the cheapest and affordable data plan on all the networks in Nigeria. And you can surely use this data plan to watch Youtube videos, browse the internet 24/7 and also update your website if you are a blogger.

The previous airtel data subscription plan code for blackberry subscribers was discontinued some time ago but now airtel has released another cheap data plan for its subscribers and if you are a blogger or heavy internet suffer, i know you will surely enjoy this one. The airtel 1000 data subscription that gives you 3GB will be your best subscription and it works for all devices include android phones.

So How to Activate Airtel N1000 for 3GB on Android Phones?

Here i will show you how to subscribe for the airtel data to get 3GB, how to use the airtel data plan and also how to check for the remaining airtel data subscription and how long the airtel data subscription will last.

==> To subscribe for the Airtel data plan for Android 1000 for 3 GB you just need to follow these two simple steps: Firstly, load your airtel line with a recharge card of 1000 Naira;

==> Then to subscribe, use airtel subscription code for 1000 by dialing this code *431#.

==> Use 1 to activate the airtel data plan you will be given 3GB instantly valid for 30 days.

==> You can verify your data balance by dialing *140#. This data plan is the cheapest and affordable for smartphone users and bloggers at the moment.

How To Check Airtel Data Plans 2018?

Simply dial *140# to check your remaining data balance anytime you want to.

I hope you find this post helpful? Please share, like or leave us a comment if you have any problem. Thank you.


  1. Wow, this is nice, I always get reliable information on this blog. Keep it up

  2. *431# just tried it as directed and I was only given 1.5 gig as against the 3gig you talked about


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