GTBank Increases Monthly Spending Limit on their Naira MasterCard for International Transaction

GTBank had recently reviewed their monthly spending limit when using the Naira Mastercard for international payments with more encouraging spending limit than the previous one. Recall that few months ago when the country went into recession as a result of more importation than exportation, the price of dollar against Naira rise tremendously and part of the government policy to control the recessed economy and inflation was to place a restriction on the use of naira cards for international transactions which were mainly done in dollars.

gtbank naira mastercard

While so many banks in Nigeria blocked the used of the ATM cards for international transactions, GTBank on the other hand place a $100 monthly restriction on their GTBank Naira mastercard. Which means you were not to spend more that $100 per month using your GTBank naira mastercard for international transaction like paying for Facebook Ads, purchasing gigs on fiverr, or ordering goods from Alibaba, Amazon etc.

The good news now is that, you can spend at most $1,000 with your GTBank naira msatercard for international transaction on POS or online. This upward review was released by GTBank to their esteem customers via email some days ago and it is now effective. See the message below.

naira mastercard monthly spending

This new monthly spending limit will serve as encouragement to some bloggers who where affected during the reduction of spending limits as they couldn't go ahead to pay more than $100 for their Facebook Ads. Now you can spend at much as $1,000 per month while the international cash withdrawal limit is still restricted.

Note this
That as the monthly spending limit is increased, don't be so happy to start spending, try to know the exchange rate per dollar before you go ahead to make international payment with your GTBank Naira mastercard. I heard recently that GTBank charges against dollar are tremendously high even higher that black market price per dollar.

Some say they charge between N380 to N410 per $1 as at the time of publishing this article. So i will advice you to try spending less than $5 first before you go ahead to make huge payments so that you won't regret latter. Better still, request for a GTBank Dollar MasterCard and use it comfortably without any spending limit if you have a domiciliary account. If you don't have, then read this post. How my GTBank domiciliary account was opened within 3 days.

I hope you find this post helpful. Thanks for reading.