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How to Verify your domain name on PropellerAds Network

PropellerAds network is one of the best alternative to Google Adsense. But before you participate in propellerads network as a publisher, you first need to submit an application. Don't you worry about that, once you have a blog, your application will be successful. Also, to verify your domain name on propellerads network, you need to have an account.

verify domain on propellerads
You can apply for a propellerads account and get approval the same day. Just Click Here to Signup with PropellerAds and then follow the steps below to verify your domain name.

After a successful registration and approval, you will have to log in your propellerAds account and add your website or blog URL, then confirm it by uploading the propeller ad meta code in your blogger HTML code. After that then you click on Verify button to verify your domain.

How to Verify a Domain name with PropellerAds Network

==> Log in to your account and go straight SITE and click on it. That is after a successful registration.

verify domain on propellerads

==> Click on Add Site,

verify domain on propellerads

==> Now enter the URL address of your blog/site and click submit

verify domain on propellerads

==> A verification code will be giving to you after submitting your blog URL address.

verify domain on propellerads

==> Kindly copy the verification code and go back to your blogger dashboard and click on Template or Theme.

==> Then click on Edit Template.

==> When your template code has finished loading, look for this code <head> and paste the PropellerAds verification code below the <head> in your blog template.

verify domain on propellerads

==> Then Save template.

==> Now return to your Propeller account page and click Verify. It should display verification successful.

verify domain on propellerads
==> Your site has now been approved successfully as shown in the picture below.

verify domain on propellerads

Now you can follow the steps to generate propellerads codes and paste it on your blog. See how to generate propellerads code and implement on blogger blog to start displaying ads.

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