How to Make Money with your Blog Using PropellerAds

PropellerAds is one of the easiest ways to make money with your website. With PropellerAds Network, you can monetize your desktop, mobile and social traffic and make a lot if your traffic is from tier 1 and 2 countries. PropellerAds is a CPM network meaning Cost Per Mile. Cost Per Mile literally means cost per 1000 impression. This means the CPM price is based on every 1000 impression an ad gets on the website. That is, the advertiser will only pay when their ads are displayed 1000 times.

propellerads make money blogger
PropellerAds allows its publishers to monetize their website traffic with customized pop-ups, pop-under, in-line ads, banner ads, referrals or interstitial ads.
Today, i wish to show you how you can make money with propellerAds network on your website and i will be using blogger blog as a guide. Although you can use same method with wordpress blog too.

PropellerAds is known to be one of the best alternative to Google Adsense. However, you can use propellerAds alongside with Google Adsense on the same blog or even on a blog that has been ban by Adsense.

So What Do I Need to Join PropellerAds?
1. A website or blog
2. A valid email address.

If you have these ready, then follow the procedures below.

==> Click on this link ==>
==> Then click on "Become Our Partner" button, then click on PUBLISHER button.
==> Select “Individual Account” button then click proceed.
==> Fill in all necessary information, read and accept their terms and conditions.
==> Then click “SIGNUP AS PUBLISHER”
You are now done here.

You Now Need to Activate your Account.
Login to the email you used to register and click the confirmation link to activate your propeller ad account. After activating your account, you’ll receive another email confirming account activation with your login details.
Save it.

How to Verify Your Domain Name with PropellerAds:
In other to display propeller ads on your website, you need to first of all verify your domain name. You will have to login your account and add your site URL and confirm it by either uploading propeller code in the root directory or using the propeller ad meta. After doing this, then click on Verify button to verify your domain. Read this post: How to Verify your domain name on PropellerAds Network.

How to Generate the PropellerAds Code for your website:
Although this part is very easy for wordpress blogs because you make use of the plugin to implement the codes. If you are using wordpress platform, simply download the official propeller ad plugin from WordPress plugin repository, install and activate it. Then configure it accordingly. For blogger platform, just read this post. How to Generate propellerAds code and Add to your blogger blog.

So How Much Can I Make will PropellerAds? 
The amount you can make on propeller depends on your website traffic and pageviews. Your source of traffic also is responsible for your earnings. Traffic from tier 1 and tier 2 countries returns high CPM because of competition from advertisers. So the quality of your traffic matters a lot. Below is a screenshot of my earnings from a website recently banned from Google Adsense.

propellerads make money blogger
Just few weeks i made $30 already with quit low traffic.

So How to withdraw Propeller ads Earnings?
Withdrawing your earnings from propeller is never an issue, you can get paid via Payoneer, wire transfer and webmoney z. You also get Propellerads payout via Paypal Now.

This is cool huh? Signup and lets make the cash together.