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How to Generate propellerAds code and Add to your blogger blog.

How to Generate propellerAds code and add to your blogger blog is a step by step tutorial that will show you everything you need to know about generating and implementing the PropellerAds javascript code on your blogger blog. Although for wordpress self hosted blogs, you can implement the propellerAds code very easily using the PropellerAds plugin.

add propellerads code blogger

 If you are using wordpress, all you need to do is download and install the propellerAds official plugin and activate it and you are good to go. For blogger platform, just read the post below and follow the guide meticulously.

Last time i published on this blog How to verify your Blogger blog on PropellerAds Network which is a prerequisite before implementing the code to make Ads appear on your blog. If you have done that already, then continue reading and follow the steps below otherwise, go and verify your blog with propellerads first.

If you still don't have a PropellerAds account, you can CLICK HERE to apply. Approval is fast and 100% sure.

How To Generate And Implement Propeller ads Code To Your Blogger Blog

1. Log in to your propellerAds  account and click on SITE.

add propellerads code blogger

2. Under your site click on the site you want to generate ads code and then choose the type of ads you want to use. Most at times, Banner Ads are not available so you can go ahead and use their top performing Ad formats as suggested which can be Pop-under, Native direct ads, Mobile interstitial etc.
add propellerads code blogger

3. Then click Next.

4. Type the name you want to channel your ads and click Next to generate your ads code. You can use any name you want it doesn't matter.

add propellerads code blogger

5. You ad codes will be generated successfully. Which means, it is now ready to be implemented on your blogger blog.

For Banner Ads like the 300x250 size type of Ads, you can make it display at the sidebar of your blog. Just follow the steps below.

6. Copy the propellerads code and go back to your blogger dashboard.

7. Navigate to Layout and click on it.

8. Now click on Add Gadget

add propellerads code blogger

9. Then choose HTML/Java Script.

add propellerads code blogger
10. Now paste the ad code in the box provided and click Save.

That's all. After few minutes, you will see the PropellerAds displaying on your blogger blog like the image below.
add propellerads code blogger
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If your ads is not displaying on mobile view of your Blogger, then you can make it start displaying by following this guide here. How to enable blogger widgets to display on mobile devices.

So i hope this tutorial helps? Drop a comment below to appreciate us or ask any questions if you are still confuse. Thank you.

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