Best Affiliate Program in Nigeria you Can Make Money

Apart from blogging and freelancing, affiliate marketing has been one of the best ways to make money online in any part of the world once you understand the strategy and work hard to generate sales for the company. Although some internet marketer claims affiliate marketing has been the best way to make money online and i won't doubt it because i once tried it without much work but i was able make some commission on sales on Konga and also little commission on ClickBank few years ago when they were no much affiliate companies from Nigeria. Now i have decided to take the affiliate marketing business very serious with these selected companies and make more commission on sales since it is working fine for me.

affiliate program Nigeria

Today, i want to share with you guys some of the best affiliate and referral websites you can signup, promote their services, promote sales and get commission for your work.
At this time majority of youth in Nigeria are suffering without any sustaining jobs, online business has been what is keeping some of us going. So if you want to also make money online like some of us, they signup with any of these companies below and start promoting their sales and services to make money.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a program run by companies that pays their sales personnel commission on each number of sales they were able to make via their referral links. The amount of money a sale personnel also known as affiliates, makes depends on how much percentage the company pays for each sales completed by the affiliate. Referral programs is also similar but the only difference is that, in referral programs, the company pays a certain percentage for each signups done via the referral's referral link.

Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria you can make money with:
Below are some selected affiliate and referral programs you should join and start making money online if you are really serious with this.

1. Payoneer Referral Program
The crave for buying and selling online is increasing daily especially in Nigeria. The only setback is the naira master card limitation which has made most banks to block their ATM cards for online transaction. But with Payoneer MasterCard, you can receive and make payments with ease. Payoneer mastercard is a dollar card issued to you free of charge. Payoneer supports over 200+ countries and high profile companies.

With your Payoneer, you can receive payments from thousands of companies in the word. Everyone now needs a payoneer master card and the good news is that, you get $25 for each referral that receives up to $100. You also get $25 when you receive up to $100. Its cool huh?

So How Can i Get It?
Signup Here

2. Konga Affiliate Program
Obviously Konga has been one of the best online shopping company in Nigeria generating over hundreds of million Naira every month. The more transparent and quality goods provided from this eCommerce site, the more Nigerians are feeling comfortable shopping on konga. In fact who doesn't know konga? everyone does and most of the products sold on the website are quality ones seems every seller on konga needs a positive reviews on their store to get more customers. Konga affiliate program allows Nigerians to make money online by selling products from their website.

Konga affiliate pays up to 9% for apparels and 3% for electronics and other high end products. It supports a 14days cookie tracking, affiliate banners of all sizes and has a very good support. Konga affiliate program is very easy to join once you have an active website or blog, you should go ahead and signup with them.
To sign up with Konga Affiliate Program, Click Here.

3. Jumia Affiliate Program
Just like Konga, Jumia is a good alternative if your application is not accepted on konga. Jumia also has plethora of quality products on categories like Apparels, Electronics, Gadgets, Baby toys, Mobile Phones etc. Jumia is simply refer to as the Nigerian Amazon eCommerce site. As a blogger, it is good if you combine the two of them, review and promote same product for your visitors to decides where to buy the product.

You can maximize your profit do this kind of review all the time. Both Jumia and Konga are good affiliate programs but some affiliate marketers prefer Jumia because it has a much higher commission rate.

To join Jumia affiliate program, just Click Here to Signup.
The you start promoting and of their products on your website via your affiliate link.

4. DomainKing Affiliate Program
Domainking despite having some glitches few months ago has come back with a better service for the customers. A domain name provider and web host company in Nigeria that offers affiliate marketing opportunity for its promoters out there. You also get a commission for registering with them, they give room for sharing referrals too. Which means you can make more money by sharing links through your referral ID. You can give it a try, you will love it.

Signup Here

5. WhoGoHost Affiliate Program
WhoGoHost is a website hosting company in Nigeria. Its good to have these companies established in our own country which we can now pay with our local currency. We own these companies coming to Nigeria one thing. Which is, to promote them positively. WhoGoHost has been one of the best and reliable website hosting in Nigeria with excellent service and customer support team. As an affiliate for whogohost, you can make money promoting their services which includes, web hosting packages, domain name etc.

WhogoHost even pays up to N500 per referral. To register and start promoting follow this link below. Signup Here.

6. WakaNow affiliate Program
Wakanow is a travel agency in Nigeria that renders services like visa processing, airline booking, hotel reservation, airport pickup services and much more. You can make money partnering with WakaNow and promoting their services as an affiliate via their affiliate program. If interested, just Sign up here.

8. QServers Affiliate Program
QServer is one of the best we hosting company in Nigeria that offers affiliate marketing for their promoters. They pay up to 20% for each referral you get and also N500 for sign up. You accumulated affiliate earnings are paid directly to your bank account every week. You can Sign up here.

9. NaijaBet Affiliate Program
For those who love betting and taking risk with their money, Naijabet is one of the best place you can signup, bet, and promote them to get referral bonus. This website pays up to 55% of what your referral bet on their website. Note that, you must be over 18 years before you sign up. Registration is free but you can make and loss money betting so take note. If you wish to register, Sign up Here.

Making money online as a blogger is not that easy as it seems. All you need is the zeal and consistency to keep going. Just keep promoting even if you record no sales for some weeks, keep doing it until you will see a lot of sales coming in once they start coming in. If you have a blog, it an opportunity for you. Even if you don't have, you can still promote with your referral link.

I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.