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Want to Know What Song is that Playing on your TV or Radio?

Have you ever tried to find what song is it that is playing on your radio or TV but you don't know how to? I have on many occasion until i find out this easy methods on how to find the name of that song playing without even knowing its lyrics. Yes you don't need to know the lyrics of the song before you know what song is it.

what song is it
Here i will show you how and in what ways i was able to find the name of any song i listen to then download or purchase them quickly to my phone for my listening pleasure.
There are so many music recognition services online to help you find what's the name of that song you ever wish to know or the artist in other to download it to your device.

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Maybe you are driving with your friend, sitting in a restaurant or bar and you heard these wonderful music been played on the FM radio station, you can use any of these music recognition services without even knowing the artist name or the lyrics of the song to find what song is that, then download it.

I have used most of them countless time which now gives me the confidence to share with you guys out there because i know most of you will find it useful too.

Love that music but you don't know what song is that? These Apps can help you find the name. So How do i find the song?

Most people ask these question and hit the search engine like Yahoo, Google, Bing and Yandex but won't find helpful result unless they search for the lyrics or name of the artist. So when you find yourself in that ocean, you should use any of the following online music recognition services to identify the name of that lovely beautiful song you crave for. These are a selection of the best online music recognition services you can use to find song names even without knowing their lyrics.

1. Find What Song is That, Using your Mobile Phone:
With the help of some useful mobile phone applications, you can find the name of whatever song you listen to on radio. These mobile apps includes:
==> Shazam:
Shazam is a mobile app that supports smartphones like iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android or even Nokia S60 phone. Shazam also works on an iPod Touch and you can use this app to discover what the name of that song you have been looking for.

How to use Shazam app?
Simply install the Shazam application on your smartphone device, then hold your smartphone towards the audio source playing the music and hit the Tag button to let Shazam identify the playing music. Please note that, Shazam only works with music that are already recorded and not live performances.

Note also that, Shazam free version allows only 5 different music to be identified per month while the paid version offers unlimited tracking of music names for $4.99.

==> MusicID
MusicID is another interesting mobile app that helps you find out the name of what song is that you are listening to. Just that it cost $3 for the iPhone app worldwide and once you install it on your iPhone, you just need to hold your device towards the source of the music and MusicID will tell you what song is that playing. For those using AT&T, MusicID also works on Blackberry, Windows Mobile or any Java phone comfortably.

MusicID works only with already recorded music and they also have an SMS based service for people in the US that doesn’t require any downloads. To use the service, just dial a short code, hold your phone up to the music playing and you’ll receive a text message with the name of the song.

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2. Find What Song is That by asking People:
==> WatZatSong:
This is a social site where you upload a short MP3 audio recording of any song you listen to, then members of the site will tell you the name of that song. It simply works by asking people who have known the title or name of that song you are looking for. Although most people make wrong suggestions at times by guessing but the majority gives you the real name of that song you are looking for.

This online music recognition platform should come handy when other apps couldn't find the song you are looking for. You can even extend your WatZatSong search by posting the request to other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. so your entire network can assist you in the search.

==> Name My Tune:
Name My Tune is a music lovers community where you sing or hum a short audio clip tune of any song you listen to and love to know the name. You send this audio clip to the site and they will send you an email when other members on the site are able to identify what's the name of that song you sent.

3. Identify what Song is it by recording a short audio clip:
==> Use AudioTag:
Recording a short audio clip of the song you want to know its name is a big step to take. If you have a short recording of the music on your device or computer, you can make use of online music recognition services at AudioTag to find out the name of what song is that you want to know. You can upload the short audio snippet and AudioTag will try to identify the track title by comparing the audio to its own music database.

For best results, you should either take a slice from the middle of the song or upload the whole song and the recognition engine will choose slices randomly by itself. To get the best results, you can record a portion of the song on your mobile device, and then check out the song’s information whenever you go online.

4. Find the name of a song using your own voice
==> Midomi:
Unlike Shazam, Midomi is a free to use online web interface where you can sing or hum the tune of a song for about 10 seconds and the online music recognition service will then display a list of matching songs. If you have the tune of the music you want to know its lyrics, just grab your microphone, hum the song to Midomi and the song name will be identified.

For best result, you should keep the volume bar in the green and avoid background noise which can alter its sound.

Although Midomi is free to use online, but it also offers mobile apps for Android, Nokia Ovi, iPhone, and Windows Mobile phones. You can find the name of songs by holding your phone up to a speaker or by singing or humming the melody into the phone itself.

5. Use a virtual keyboard to find the song name
==> Musipedia:
Musipedia can search for a song by either playing it on a virtual piano keyboard or by whistling it to the computer using any microphone. Musipedia works best at finding classical music. Unlike Shazam which can only find songs that exactly match the recording, Musipedia can identify all music that contain a particular melody that you just recorded by humming or through the computer keyboard.

==> MelodyCatcher:
If you can play the tune on a virtual keyboard, MelodyCatcher can help you find the name of the song tune you’re looking for. With a simple Java-based onscreen keyboard, simply use your mouse to enter the melody, click search, and MelodyCatcher will show you a list of matching songs from across the web. You do not need to enter the full melody: the first 5-7 notes will usually be sufficient to identify a melody.

These are the few tools you need to identify the name of any music track you listen to either on FM radio stations, TV shows, Internet or at the bar.

Source: Labnol.org

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