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Taking a Closer Look at the Huawei P10: The New Best Android Smartphone?

It's been nearly a month since Chinese tech giant Huawei launched its newest flagship smartphone, the P10, at MWC 2017 and experts all around the world are calling it the new best Android smartphone on the market.
best android smartphone

Undoubtedly, the phone is an excellent piece of technology that ticks all the relevant boxes; from a gorgeous design, to thoroughly impressive performance.
However, accompanying it is a price tag of N200,000 (€599) on Huawei's online store, which makes it the most expensive phone ever made by the company. Is the P10 worth it? Let's find out, below.

best android smartphone

The new release is a direct follow-up to last year's P9 and, at first glance, things don't seem to have changed too much. However, there's a striking resemblance to Apple's iPhone 7, particularly with the back panel and the edges. Moreover, the fingerprint scanner has now been moved to the front, pushing the P10 even closer to the iPhone.

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Despite the apparent lack of originality, the metallic build feels pleasantly solid, and the Gorilla Glass 5 on the screen offers reliable protection from knocks, drops, and scratches. The phone is also very comfortable in hand, thanks to its 142g weight and 7mm thickness.

The P10 comes in a generous range of seven colors: black, green, blue, silver, gold, rose gold, and white. The white version comes with a ceramic finish on top of the underlying metal chassis. Huawei has also added "dazzling" color option for the gold and blue models using a technology called "Hyper Diamond Cut," which gives the phones an elegant, reflective, fingerprint-resistant metallic effect.
best android smartphone

Overall, the P10 is much slicker than previous Huawei smartphones, including last year's beautiful, but fairly unwieldy, Mate 9. It does, however, borrow a lot from the iPhone, so if you've always loved Apple's designs, but you're not a fan of iOS, it could very well be the perfect phone for you.

best android smartphone

Huawei has equipped its 2017 flagship with a 5.1-inch Full-HD display, and although it may seem modest on paper, everything you watch looks sharp and vibrant. The use of IPS-NEO technology rather than regular IPS results in richer colors, deeper blacks, and much better viewing angles. It also boasts excessively high maximum brightness levels, which means that no outdoor environment will be too lit for comfortable use.

All things considered, the screen is great. Sure, you'll get better visual quality on the Galaxy S7's QHD panel and even more so with the awe-inspiring 4K display on the newly launched Xperia XZ Premium, but you'll likely be well satisfied with the P10.

Software and Performance

best android smartphone

The new P10 comes packed with Google's latest mobile OS, Android 7.0 Nougat, overlaid with Huawei's custom UI, Emotion 5.1. One of the most voiced complaints towards last year's P9 was the lack of an app drawer. Fortunately, the updated Emotion UI now lets you organize your apps however you want.

That said, the near-perfect interface is undermined by another downside: too much bloatware. You'll probably have to spend some time after buying the phone to uninstall apps like HiCare, HiGame, Compass, and so on.

Even worse is, despite running Android Nougat, there's no sign of Google Assistant. Google Daydream is also not supported, which means you won't be able to experience VR like you would with the Google Pixel smartphones.

Things start to look up when you use the P10 for regular tasks like browsing the web, streaming media, processing Google documents and playing games. Thanks to an over the top hardware set, which includes an octa-core Kirin 960 CPU, Mali-G71 MP8 GPU and 4GB of RAM, performance is on par with other premium smartphones on the market. There's nothing that's too much for the Huawei's new gem.

best android smartphone

The P10 has a lot going for it, but all of that pales in comparison to what the camera has to offer. As with the P9, the new flagship's camera is a result of an overly fruitful partnership between Huawei and Leica, a company that's long been known for its prowess in digital imaging equipment.

It features an improvement from last year's dual-lens system, which now pairs a 12MP color sensor with a 20MP monochrome sensor for higher detail levels, better low-light performance, realistic bokeh effects, and improved black-and-white photos. On the front is an 8MP camera, which is more than good enough for selfies and video calls.

The camera app is great in every regard. In addition to being responsive and lag-free, it adds manual controls and a custom portrait studio to take your photography to the next level. And with 64GB of internal storage onboard complemented by a microSD card slot, you won't have to worry about having enough space for your creative work.

Battery life and Extras

best android smartphone

Inside the P10 is a 3,200mAh non-removable battery, which is huge for a 5-inch phone. Add that to a comparatively power-efficient 1080p display, and you get a smartphone that can comfortably get you through two whole days of regular use.

The P10 comes with a few extra features as well, the most exciting being what Huawei has done with the fingerprint sensor/Home button. Instead of clicking, the button employs a pressure-sensitive approach similar to that introduced by the iPhone 7 last year. Tapping on it moves back one page while pressing on for about a second gets you to the Home page.

It'll take a bit of time to get used to, but afterward, you'll appreciate how much faster it is than moving between two keys for Back and Home functions.

Wrap Up
When you overlook its flaws, the P10 is an excellent phone that successfully upholds the outstanding reputation of Huawei's P-series.

However, I'm still not convinced about its value for money, especially if you consider that adding only N 16,500 (€50) more could get you the Huawei P10 Plus, which comes with a larger, QHD screen, an even better camera, and 128GB of storage.

Whether the P10 is the new best Android smartphone is debatable, but in the face of fierce competition from flagships like the LG G6 and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, it's unlikely that the phone will stand its ground.

Quite a nice phone huh?

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