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How to Save Money for a Purpose Via GT Target Account

GT Target account is what you need to save money for a future purpose. Are you a spendthrift who wish to control the habit of spending money recklessly? Are you the type that spend a lot of money without saving, then latter regret why you spend that much? Or do you have a future project in mind and you wish to save money toward achieving that project? Are you planing to save money for a wedding, building a house or buying your desire car?

saving for a purpose
If yes, then you should use GT Target account to save money for your future plans.

GT Target account is an automatic saving system service provided by GTBank that encourages financial discipline through savings. This service is properly design to help you save money towards a specific target project you have in mind. Whatever financial goal you are planing for, GT Target account can help you achieve that.

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When you successfully open a GT Target account, you are required to set up standing instruction orders on how to fund the GT Target account from time to time. You will have to provide the account which will be debited for the standing instruction, the amount to be debited and the frequency. i.e. (30days, 3months, 6months etc) the start date and end date respectively.

So for example, if you want to have like N210,000 in the next 6 months, you can place a standing order to have N35,000 automatically transferred from your GTB savings account to your GT Target account every month for 6 months. Whatever you are saving money for, just place a standing order to GTBank for making regular payments from your savings or current account to your GT Target account.

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So How do I Withdraw from GT Target Account?
At the end of the months specified, you can withdraw from the GT Target savings by transferring the funds to your Savings account and the finally withdraw the money at the bank or at the ATM.

==> Zero account opening balance
==> Non-transnational account
==> Mandatory standing order of N5,000 (minimum)
==> Standing order frequency can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually
==> Minimum savings period of six months
==> Maximum of 3 sub accounts can be opened for different financial goals and targets
==> Can be opened on GTBank internet banking platform or by walking into any GTBank branch to fill and submit the forms.

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So How Do I Open a GT Target Account?
==> Sign in to the GTB Internet Banking Platform with your PC
==> Click on "Self Service" on the side menu
==> Click on "GT Target Account" and follow the instruction meticulously.
==> GT Target Account number will be generated for you.
==> Thereafter, proceed to place your standing order instruction.
==> A N300 fee might be charge from you.

That's all. I hope you will use this service to save money for a future purpose?

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