The new Whatsapp 'Edit' and 'Unsend' Features is Interesting

 WhatsApp has finally introduced the 'Edit' and 'Unsend' features on their messaging application. Since Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19 Billion, the messaging app has been making significant improvement here and there. We all enjoyed the whatsapp video call features, the whatsapp document sharing, free calls and other wonderful features.
whatsapp updated features

Whatsapp will now be unleashing another nice features will i believe we will also love it too. The new features will include the Edit and Unsend option on the app which means you will be allowed to edit or unsend wrong messages sent by mistake.

The current reports we gather suggest that WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will allow users to 'revoke' a sent message, edit it and send it again. For the same, reports said WhatsApp is getting Gmail's coolest feature: Recalling sent messages. This feature is also said to have appeared on WhatsApp beta version on iOS.

whatsapp unsend and edit

While 'revoke' and edit is definitely a cool thing, what is more magical about the feature is that the 'recalled' message will reportedly disappear or get deleted from the recipients mobile too. Those who have groups will find this feature very useful, because it will allow you to be able to edit sent messages, delete sent messages. This features is quite good and will make a lot of sense too.

Source: WABetaInfo