How to change Microsoft Word Document into PDF File (Free Tutorial)

In one of our previous post, we talked about how to convert an Excel document into PDF file without using any paid software. Converting your document into pdf file is the best way to secure your document and prevent it from unauthorized editing. If you want to change a word document into pdf file, you can get a free word to pdf converter software online but most of them comes with a water mark on your pdf file.

convert microsoft word to pdf file
Claiming copyright to the original software. Here i will show you how to convert a Microsoft word document into a pdf file.

What is PDF
PDF is an abbreviation for Portable Document Format. It is a file format that captures all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image that you can not edit, but view, navigate, print or forward to someone else via electronic means.

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Why do i need to convert a word document to pdf?
Word document can easily be edited but a pdf file cannot because it appears as a photo. Converting documents into pdf makes it secure and free from virus attack. You can even easily package it and upload it to share with anybody online.

How to Convert a Word Document into PDF using Microsoft Word.
Click on File, then Save As,

convert word to pdf file
under Save as type, click the drop down arrow and select PDF.

convert word to pdf file

Then click on Save. It will save your word document as a PDF file.
I hope this info helps? if you have any challenge doing this on your own, please ask any question, we are here to help you. Do you know of any free software that converts word document to pdf? please tell us via the comment box.