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Latest 2016 Etisalat Free Browsing With 0.0kb Using Psiphon Handler or SyphonShield

Few days ago, the Etisalat chatpak tweak was officially blocked with a lot of calls and text messages bugging me asking if there are any new tweak available. Off course yes, there will always be free browsing tweaks available after our extensive overnight research looking for solution.

etisalat chatpak psiphone browsing

Today, i will be sharing with you guys a new better version of Etisalat Chatpak that works with only 0.0kb in your account using Psiphon or SyphonShield. Keep reading below.

Follow This Steps to Set up the Etisalat Free Browsing:

For Android Phone Users;


Go to Google Playstore and download SyphonShield or download this one DOWNLOAD IT HERE


Configure your SyphonShield just like how you configure your Psiphon Handler, using any one of this magic IPs and ports below (if you don't know how to do it, check the screenshot above):

==> IP: Port: 8080

==> IP: Port: 3128

==> IP: Port: 3128

==> IP: Port: 3128

==> IP: Port: 3128


After successful configuration, tap the connect button. It might take a while to connect but will definitely connect.

After connecting successfully, you can start browsing with unbelievable speed. My minimum download speed is 512kb/sec.

You should also configure your Psiphon Handler with any of the magic IP and Port shared above. It will work also.

I will be posting the tutorial for PC users very soon so remember to check back.

Update: Read the tutorial for PC Users Here.

I hope this helps?


  1. please you did not give a settings for Access point settings, or can it be left with the default settings

    1. Yes leave the Access point settings on default or configure it with any of the IPs and Ports above if its not already configured. Better-still, check the updated post, we provide fresh working IPs there. Thanks for comment anyway.


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