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How To Use Etisalat with 0.0kb Account to Browse Free on PC Without Simple Server

Etisalat network is one of the fastest browsing network in Nigeria. We have been flexing the Etisalat chatpak free browsing on our PC and android phone few weeks ago until it was officially block. We research and found a solution for browsing on Etisalat with just 0.0kb in your account. Read it here: How to Configure your Etisalat with Psiphon App for Free Browsing with 0.0kb account balance.

browse on Etisalat free
The internet download speed is really good and in that previous post, i promised to publish how to use the Etisalat free browsing tweak on PC which is what you are reading now.

Now i believe you must have read my previous post on how to configure your etisalat to browse free on your mobile phone otherwise go and read it first.

This tutorial here is for PC users.

Download this app called DF Tethering Fix from play store or DOWNLOAD IT HERE


After connecting successfully on your mobile phone using Psiphon, then navigate to your phone Settings ==> Portable Hotspot ==> USB Tethering ==> then Click on tether.


After successful tethering, power your DF Tethering on your mobile phone and click on the "FIX TETHERING" as shown in the picture above.

This tutorial is for PC users who want to use their Etisalat 0.0kb semi Chatpak free browsing tweak on PC without Simple Server. You should read how to configure your phone to browse with your Etisalat free here.

I hope this works for you?

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