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How to Withdraw Google Adsense Earning Straight to Your Bank Saving Account

Withdrawing Adsense Earnings straight to your Bank Savings account is now easier than i thought ever since Google introduce the wire transfer payment option for their publishers from Nigeria. Maintaining a current account in Nigeria is very expensive and also opening a domiciliary account is another hassle trying to meet up with it's requirements.

diamond bank with Adsense earnings

Before now, for one to receive his online earnings in foreign currencies, then you will need to have a domiciliary account but today, most banks in Nigeria has made it possible for savings account holders to also receive online payments in dollars or other currencies.

The requirements you need for opening a domiciliary account in Nigeria are:

==> 2 referees who have operated a current account for at least 6 months with the bank or any other banks.

==> National Identity card, international passport, Drivers License for proper identification,

==> A utility Bill that bears your name and address boldly on it,

==> A minimum of $100 balance with extra fee for VisaCard or masterCard.

But with a Diamond Savings Xtra account, or UBA Savings account, you don't need all these requirements to receive earnings in foreign currencies like Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing and then withdraw your money in naira.

This is how to open a savings account that will accept Google Adsense earnings and other affiliate marketing websites, then you withdraw the money in Naira.

How to Open a Diamond Savings Account That Receive Google Adsense Payment

Just walk into any Diamond bank close to you and tell the customer care attendant that you want to open a saving account with them. they will give you a form, fill the form.

NB: There are many Diamond savings account but the type that accepts Google adsense earnings is Savings Xtra. So make sure you select Diamond Savings Xtra. It cost only N5,000 to open it. After processing your account and it is confirmed open, then you can integrate it with your Google adsense account to receive payments.

To integrate your diamond savings extra account with your adsense account, then follow this guide below:

==> Go to your Adsense dashboard,

==> click on the gear icon by the right,

==> Go to Payments

==> Click on 'How you'll get paid..
==> Click on new Payment method,

==> Then tick 'bank transfer through bank account' and fill the form with your details. You will be ask to enter your bank swift code, just type in DBLNNGLA

==> Click on Save after entering your details. That's all.

Once it's pay day, you'll be the first to receive your payment because Diamond Bank receive payments sent by Google that very day. They don't wait after a day or two like other banks.
Hope this helps..

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  1. Thanks for the tips. Great to hear.

  2. pls I have been trying to receive adsense payment to my diamond bank domicilliary account but it keeps bouncing back...pls can you instruct me on how to fill that form?

    1. Maybe your dorm account is dormant and you need to re-activate it. If the problem haven't been solved, go to your bank and complain they will solve it.

  3. I'm having some challenge verifying my US Adsense account. It's been due for verification like a week now. Can you help?

    1. Verifying a US adsense account, you need someone in the US to get the PIN for you using their US address. Don't let them know you are not in the US, they will ban it immediately.

  4. 1.Please how do receive my payment from google adsense, if it is a verified USA OR UK address?

  5. I am in Ghana and using Nigerian AdSense account, how will I withdraw my earnings?
    please help me


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