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11 Blogging Ethics Every Blogger Must Learn From Linda Ikeji, The Nigerian Successful Female Blogger

This article 10 things I learn from Linda Ikeji Nigerian Successful Female Blogger was written by one of my blogging mate Oscar Frank of and when i read it, i was moved to write my own version of what every wannabe successful blogger should learn or know about Linda Ikeji of

nigerian female blogger

Linda Ikeji is one among the successful female blogger in Nigeria earning huge amount of money from her celebrity, Fashion and lifestyle personal blog every month. She is known as the wealthiest blogger queen among other female bloggers in Nigeria.
I think she is way richer than the male bloggers in Nigeria too.

Here i would like to point out some key factors to her successful blogging career and how any blogger can follow this criteria to be successful like her.

Linda is a great hardworking blogger we all need to learn from. So enjoy as you read on.

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11 Things Every Blogger Should Learn From Linda Ikeji Are:

1. Her Unique Lifestyle:

Before Linda took her career into blogging, she was a fashion model. When she couldn't make it to the limelight as a fashion model, she moved to another door which seems to be open for her. And then she made her mark there. What you are right now can not stop you from been a successful blogger, all you need to do is be dedicated.

2. Her Determination:

Linda's determination and industrious hard work is one every wanna be successful blogger should admire and emulate. Before now, that is way-back between 2004 to 2010, blogging was just for fun, only few knew the idea of making money with blogs.

Even though she wasn't making money with her blog then, she never gave up. I personally blog for two and a half years before i started seeing returns from my blog. Never give up.

3. Hard-work:

Her zeal and fun for blogging brought her to this height. It's never easy blogging as a newbie. You will face a lot of challenges in the struggle and am sure Linda's case wasn't an exception when she started. Keeping late nights and staying indoors all the time for the sake of blogging is not easy. Hard-work really pays.

4. Publish Frequently:

Linda seems to be the first to break her news. I don't really know how she does it but her blog is always a source for any breaking news. Linda Ikeji hit headlines in Newspapers in Nigeria, Ghana and other countries in Africa. As a blogger, you need to be the first person to break news on your blog. It brings a lot of traffic and traffic means money.

5. Be Original in Content:

She is obviously not the copy and paste type of blogger. That is one great mistake most upcoming blogger make. They go to top blog sites, copy articles and paste them on their blog just to make it fast.

This practice will only kill your blog in the long-run. Everybody has his or her opinion on everything, write yours on your blog. That's what blogging is all about.

6. She is Generous too:

Generosity makes people stick to you like glue. As a blogger earning huge with your blog, you need to remember that there are also some climbing that same ladder you climbed to attain the height you do now. Do your best to lend a helping hand by been generous.

Linda does this too when she gave out a total amount of N1 Million to 10 readers of her blog LIB with each taking N100,000 home in 2013. Watch-out for my generosity it's starting soonest. LOL

7. She Writes Her Opinion:

Linda always writes her opinion and whenever she writes others opinion, she states it clear. Write your opinion too and try to be different or controversial.

8. She is Patient:

You will never know patience is one key attributes you need in blogging until you start one. Living in a country like Nigeria where everything is difficult and frustrating, no electricity, poor network, insults and mockery from parents and friends, they are plenty. Just be patient.

Against all odds, Linda stood her ground. You can also do that too. Patient is key virtue to everything thing in life. Exercise it and you will never fail.

9. She had Vision:

I probably knew very well that Linda didn't start blogging without a vision. She must have had an idea of what to do with her blog in the next few years before she started. Every blogger need a vision, what is yours? go find out now.
10. She is Passionate:

Linda is passionate about what she does, blogging grows with time, you struggle with ideas initially and with time, you start getting strategies and ideas that makes your readers keep coming to read more.
Time, patient, hard-work and determination are the most important qualities or virtues you mustn’t throw away if you want to be successful in the blogosphere.

11. She is not Perfect:

When you take a look at Linda's blog sometimes, you see no creativity in the blog design. Even when she couldn't write php codes and scripts to put up a professional design on her blogger template, she didn't stop blogging.

Having a perfect knowledge in designing blog templates is not a guarantee that you will make it in blogging. That shouldn't discourage you. You mustn't be perfect, keep going as far as you can go. Sky is your limit.

Hope this article was useful in one way or the other to you. I Wish you the best in your Blogging career. Cheers!

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  1. awe! so motivating and aspiring. these qualities exactly describe her success in blogging. You can also succeed in everything you do with these qualities.


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