How To Take Screenshots With Your Tecno P3 Android Phone

In one of my previous post, i wrote on how i took screenshots on my Nokia Symbian phone but today, i will show you how to simply take screenshots on your tecno P3 and any other android phone without using any app. Tecno and other android supported devices are so intelligibly made with great features when you explore them. Some time ago, i was playing with my Tecno P3 then i wanted to take screenshots of some webpages.

When i was searching for a screenshotter apps on Google Play Store, a friend just told me i could easily take screenshots on my Tecno phone without using any application.

So here, i will show you how to screenshot your Tecno phone and Samsung Galaxy S3 android phone without using any app.

How Do I Take Screenshot on My Tecno Phone?

It is as simple as your name. Just Hold the Power Button on the left together with the Down Volume Button on the right, it will take a screenshot of the current screen of your tecno device and store it in your SD Card. See picture below

screenshots on android phone

Now How To Take Screenshot On Other Android Phone?

First you will have to configure the phone for taking screenshots. We will use Samsung Galaxy S3 for example.

  • Go to Settings in your android phone example Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Navigate to Motion settings given under System settings.
  • Now scroll down the motion settings until you will see Hand Motion settings.
  • Tick Palm swipe to Capture option.
That's all.

You have now configured your android phone to take screenshots.
So whenever you want to take screenshots of your android device, just swipe the screen with your palm from left to right or right to left, a picture of the active screen of your phone will be taken and stored in your phone.

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  1. doesnt work for p3

  2. Yayyyyy..... It worked..... Thanks a lot...

  3. works perfectly.. asante

  4. It did not work fr me..although thnks fr trynig

  5. Does not exist in p3s..i ended up locking ma fon

  6. Works on mine and it's a P3s.

  7. Great waaaaa really worked on my techno y4
    Very simple
    Love it

  8. Amazing really love it
    Working properly and perfect

  9. It didn't work at all aagh! How do you do it apart from that one??

  10. Yassssssssss
    It worked thanks!!!

  11. Dint work with ma p3s


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