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How To Share Or Send App On Android Phones

Android devices are becoming one of the most preferable smartphones people love to have. As the Android OS itself keeps upgrading with powerful features, mobile phone companies are also producing smartphones that runs the Android OS. The other day, i was trying to download GTA Vice City for my android phone but couldn't do so because of its large file size.
So i was finding a way to copy the game app and its database files from my friend and send it to my Tecno P3.

Through bluetooth, it wasn't possible until i discovered a very nice Android app called MyAppSharer that does the job perfectly for me. MyAppSharer is just one of these android applications that can share app from one phone to another.

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If you have myappsharer installed on your android phone, you can share any type of apps and also receive from your friends android phones too.

To Download and Use MyAppSharer, following these Instructions Below.

1. Visit Google PlayStore and search for the keyword MyAppSharer.

2. Then download and install it on your android phone.

3. After installing it, open the app and it will list all applications available on your phone..

4. Now select the app you want to share and select the apk then click on share.

5. After that you'll have to select which way you wanted to share it, either via bluetooth, email, skype or others.

6. Through this, you can successfully share your android app with your friends.

Please note that: You android phone might start running out of memory. This is because the app you shared has to be stored automatically on your phone memory. So you should go to your android app folder, select MyAppSharer, open it and delete the apps you shared. That's all.

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