How You Can Use More Than 100MB On Droid VPN as a Non premium Account User

Droid VPN is a personal virtual network software developed for Android phones and Android tablets. This software is used to bypass areas restricted by your ISP and also surf websites that restrict your IP address by switching to another IP address. Droid VPN can also be use to browse the internet almost free with your Android device. I consider this apps to be one among my best Android application so far. I use it to access my Paypal account and also do some light browsing of more than 100MB.

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But there is a limitation of 100MB for Non-premium account users of this software and today, i will reveal a secret on how to bypass this limitation and use more than the 100MB data allocated even as a non-premium account user.

If you can afford to upgrade to the premium account, then i advice you to do so because you will enjoy unlimited access at ease.

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Steps To Bypass The 100MB Data Limit On Droid VPN As a Non-Premium Account User

First of all, you will need to have two email address and register an account using both emails.
Follow the procedures to download and install the software on your Android phone.
Then start browsing but once you receive the download limit message, do the following.

Step 1. Go to Settings -> Apps -> DroidVPN

Step 2. Force Stop

Step 3. Clear cache Three (3) times

Step 4. Clear Data

Step 5. Open application drawer

Step 6. Droid VPN -> Account login details

Step 7. Input new account

Step 8. Change my server from Free Server 2 to Free Server 3 or vice-versa

Step 9. CONNECT and continue browsing Now you can browse continuously without stopping for long using DroidVPN.


The Second Method To Bypass Droid 100MB Limitation

This involves opening your droid VPN account with your registered emails as in the first method Bookmark your droid VPN account which will help you to take note of your data usage. Make sure you do not use up to the default 100MB so you will need to be refreshing your browser to check it.

Use up to 97MB at the most. Once you get to 95MB to 97MB data usage, go to your droid data account info and clear all App cache/ data.

Then go on and sign in with your other email accounts and keep browsing.
That's all

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