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WeChat Social Media Apps for BlackBerry 10 is now Available for Download.

WeChat for BlackBerry 10 OS is now available for download. WeChat is a popular mobile chat application that has been making waves right now in China, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and other well know countries globally. WeChat which is popularly referred to as the Chinese Facebook mobile apps is now been recognized globally even here in Africa. This Chinese social media apps is similar to 2go chat application which is also popular among Nigerians and other part of Africa.
WeChat Mobile apps for Blackberry
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Wechat currently has over 195 million active users which makes it the world’s second most popular mobile messaging apps after WhatsApp. It is a mobile messaging client owned by internet giant www.tencent.com. Since the Launch of BlackBerry10 by RIM, WeChat apps is now made available for download for all BlackBerry devices running BB 10 OS or greater version.

This Chat app is also made available for other devices like the iPhones, Android, Symbian keyboard, Symbian Touch etc. Just like 2go mobile messenger, Wechat also has so many amazing features which include the following.

Features of WeChat Social Media Application for Mobile Phones
  • Fun one-on-one and group chats with voice messages, free texting, pictures and video calls. 
  • Chatting with friends across platforms with voice messages. 
  • Enhance your chats with a huge selection of animated emoticons. 
  • Power-saving optimizations and low data consumption rates. 
  • Follow your favorite official accounts. 
  • Fast and easy registration via phone number (supports more than a hundred regions) 
  • Supports 4 languages, including English, Indonesian, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. 

Right now, WeChat application is available in all countries that support BlackBerry World on all carriers. The Chinese mobile chat application is currently gaining ground with a lot of users even now in Africa. If you intend to try WeChat on your supported BlackBerry 10, then grab it here by clicking this link below. Download WeChat for BlackBerry 10 here

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