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How to Record Phone Calls on any Cell Phone using RecordiaPro

RecordiaPro is a cell phone recorder service that allows a phone user to record all incoming and outgoing calls on any particular phone even though it has no internet access. In one of my previous post, i had written on various ways on How to tap phone call conversation. You can read it too. After reading that post, one of my blog reader called to ask if She could be able to record phone conversation of any phone without internet access. After a successful research, am glad to tell you that YES YOU CAN. But only with the services of RecordiaPro.
record phone conversation
RecordiaPro is one of the easiest cell phone conversation recorder you can use to record various calls on demand. Here a recordiapro user can possibly capture, record and store all phone conversations from any type of phone, anytime, anywhere provided you signup and subscribe to one of their package plan which is not free but cheap.

It enables you to record phone calls on your iPhones, Android device, Nokia, Samsung, Alcatel, Sony erickson, land line and the rest, without the need to install any software or connecting any hardware device. This is the kind of versatility and quality that Recordiapro is providing over millions of people in the world. The service allows the user to listen to digital quality Mp3 recording of phone calls, accessible 24/7 via the web.

So How does RecordiaPro Works?
1. You will have to signup for an account with RecordiaPro. To signup, click here.
2. Then purchase one of their package plan, you will be given a secured account where all your recorded phone conversations will be stored upon placing or receiving a call.
3. You can then log in to your account, play the call back online or download it as an Mp3 file to listen to it latter.

So What are the Charges Involved?
You will have to pay a one time amount for the following packages. No recurring monthly payments.
  • The Bronze Package goes for $29.99 - records for 120 minutes maximum
  • The Silver package goes for $99.99 - records for 300 minutes maximum
  • The Gold package goes for $149.99 - records for 500 minutes maximum. 
Basic features of RecordiaPro services
  • It can record all outgoing calls, all incoming calls,
  • It provides unlimited online storage without any monthly or storage fees,
  • Provides caller identity with detailed caller information such as date of call, time of call, call duration etc.
  • Dictation for the pro account holders,
  • E-mail support,
  • Live phone support,
  • 24/7 online Account Manager,
  • Download MP3 Records,
  • Instant Account Delivery.
Do you need this service? Please visit RecordiaPro online at RecordiaPro.
Don't know how to pay for this services from Nigeria? Get a UBA visa Debit card.

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