How i Remove Shortcut Virus from my SD Memory card

If you use your Pendrive, Flash drive, USB drive or sd memory card to receive or send files from one computer to another, you must have encountered this type of virus called "Shortcut Virus". The shortcut virus infect your device and turn all the original files and folders into a shortcut. In one of my previous post, i had written about How a virus turn my folders into a shortcut and solutions. But it seems that post is not that in depth so i prefer you read this one here and apply it if you are affected.
remove shortcut virus using cmd
I have recently been infected with this shortcut virus called Odinga when i used my phone sd memory card to receive files from my friends computer. This virus hide all my original files and replace them with a shortcut folder instead. But i successfully solved the problem without deleting any file or formatting my sd memory card. That's why i decided to share how i manage to recover all my hidden files from my sd memory card infected with this virus.

There are just two ways i used to remove this "shortcut virus" from my memory card. These methods can also work on any drive like pendrive, usb flash, memory card or computer hard drive. So if you are currently experiencing this type of virus attack on your drive, Do not panic if your files or folders are turn to shortcut, they are not lost, do not format your drive, you can still recover all the files using these two methods i will show you below.

How the Shortcut Virus works
When your drive is infected with these shortcut virus, it hides all your original files and replace them with a shortcut folder that leads to a different directory. All you need to do is to remove the virus first, then reveal your original files, recover them and delete the shortcut virus files that is all. See how i did it below.

First and Foremost
What i did first was to remove the virus causing the infection. I slot in my memory card to my computer and scan it with a good antivirus program. I used Avast antivirus and it was up-to-date. If your antivirus is not up-to-date, please do not dare otherwise you will be giving the virus a new home and it will lodge in your computer system instead. 

After scanning my memory card with my antivirus, i fix all threats detected by moving them to chest. Then i removed the shortcut virus using CMD using the following steps.

Step 1 Using DOS Command
Once i removed the threat detected by my antivirus, I click on the Start button, select Run and type cmd then hit ok. Or you can use this windows shortcut key (windows+R) 

In the DOS window, I type CD\ and hit enter, then type the following command below
ATTRIB –H –R –S /S /D F:*.* 
Or see picture below
The bold alphabet F represent my drive letter but you should replace it with the letter of your drive. When done, i hit enter.

Violaaaa! My hidden files and folders was visible now. I check my memory card and was able to see all hidden files together with the shortcut virus files and folders. I delete only the shortcut files and folders and recover my original files.

Step 2 Using Windows Explorer
You can also use the second step you recover your hidden files and folders.
Click on the "Start Button"
Click on "My Computer"
Highlight the drive you want to delete the shortcut virus from, 
From your left hand side, click on "Organize"

From the drop down list, select "Folder and search option" in the next dialog box, 
1. select "view"
2. select "Show hidden files, folders and drives", then 
3. untick "Hide extensions for known file types".  see picture below.
Then apply the settings and click ok. 
All the original files hidden by the shortcut virus will be revealed. Recover your original files and delete all the shortcut virus files. 

After that, do not forget to go back to the steps written in step 2 above and revert to the default settings as it was before. That is all you have to do to recover your files and folders back instead of formatting your drive.

I hope this info helps? feel free to share this post with your friends using the like/share buttons. you can also subscribe to my blog below for more tips delivered to your inbox. Thank you.


  1. Hi I hv tried ol the methods u described but none is workin.yes the original folders appear and I delete the shortcut and it appears in less than 2 seconds.this is frustratin pls help

    1. Perhaps you should try both methods again. Once your hidden files are displayed, the short cut files will be delete-able. Try it again.

    2. "The target of symbolic link does not exist"

  2. Thanks bro 4 d tutorial. I hv recovered back ma files. Xoxo happy!

  3. The option apply on avast doesn't click bro. I'm Thulane

  4. There are many PC users having no antivirus installed in their PC’s. If you have no antivirus in your PC and your PC got infected with virus, don’t panic you can also remove virus from your PC manually.

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  5. Thanks mehn it worked perfectly

  6. We must have read it all about how to keep safe, use this internet security and use that antivirus. but once you are infected with something like a rootkit they won't really do any good job.

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  7. Thanks it helped


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