Blogger for Android Apps makes Blogging so easy

Blogging through your mobile phone is fun, you don't really need to have a PC or go to the Cafe just because you want to update your blog. Start blogging on the go with Blogger for android apps if you have an android device, or you can activate mail2blog from your blogger dashboard and start blogging from your mobile phone.
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With this android apps for blogger, you can do the following, 

1. Compose a post and save to draft or publish it immediately,
2. View list of your saved and published post, 
3. You can also switch from one blogger account to another if you have more than two, 
4. You can take a picture directly from the app or embed an image from the gallery, 
5. Add labels to your post and location information. 

Using the blogger for android apps, you can easily composed and publish your post from your android smartphone anywhere you are. At least that will easy the work of carry your laptop with you all the time. even when you are traveling, with your android phone, your blogging is at your finger tips. You can download the android app at Google Store Its just about 8.5MB only.

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