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How I got a Free Payoneer Account from Infolinks Delivered to Nigeria

Payoneer is one of the fastest ways to pay for goods and receive payments or funds online. Through your Payoneer payment system, you can transfer funds from paypal if you own a paypal account, receive your commissions from ClickBank, Commission Junction and other affiliate websites that are approved by Payoneer. If you run an online business or you are about to, you could use the services of payoneer to receive payments into your account and withdraw your money through any ATM machines approved. 
payoneer get paid
I am an infolink publisher and I run infolinks ads on my blog. You should read this How to add infolinks ads on blogger blog if you haven't known how to do it. I find it very convenient to receive my infolinks payment via Payoneer account so that i can withdraw my fund using their payment issue here in Nigeria.
That was why i opt for the payoneer. Getting this payoneer through infolinks was free and easy. Here I will show you how I apply for the payoneer account via infolinks and got it delivered here in Nigeria free of charge.

How to Apply for Payoneer account via Infolinks.
Infolinks is an advertising company that pays it publishers for running their ads on their websites. They operate like Google Adsense. If you understand how Google Adsense works, Infolinks are one of their best alternative. You can read about other alternative to Google Adsense here.

1. Log on to your Infolinks account and select 'Payment Method' you will see a step by step method to get your own debit card easily.

2. Follow this 1-2-3 steps to fill all information required. 

Note: You must have a valid ID Card like National ID card, Drivers License or a Voters Card to complete the step 3. For me, I used my National ID card to complete the registration. 

After completing your request, Payoneer will send you an e-mail telling you the duration your Payoneer issue will take to be delivered to you. I got my card delivered within 4 months of application though it was the second application that works. This is my Payoneer stuff when i got it. 
payoneer payments
My Payoneer stuff
With this card, I can now receive payment from my infolinks account, transfer my Paypal funds and also receive commission from affiliate companies like ClickBank and Commission Junction. The best part of it is that, I can withdraw funds in my payoneer account using this payoneer issue at any ATM machine with a similar authorized logo on it, anywhere in the world even here in Nigeria. 

You should also read How to use GTBank Naira ATM card to make purchase online. and How i activate my Payoneer account after receiving it.

I hope this info helps? feel free to share this post with your friends using the like/share buttons. you can also subscribe to my blog below for more tips delivered to your inbox. Thank you.


  1. Please I wanna fund my Payoneer card. I have a Payoneer card, but I want to fund it with USD30. I want this very urgently! Please let me know if you can help me.

    Thank You

    1. Sorry currently i have no info on how to fund your payoneer master card from Nigeria. But i promise that as soon as i get a reliable info, i share with you. Just stick arround bro. You are welcome.


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