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BloggersLab Meet Up Call: Come and Meet with Bloggers one-on-one

Hello my dear readers and bloggers in Nigeria, I wish to use this medium to invite you all to the 2012 Nigerian Bloggers get-together meeting powered by BloggersLab. A top Facebook Group for Bloggers. On the 29th of Dec, 2012 members of BloggersLab will meet somewhere in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. At the meet up venue, Nigerian bloggers will have the opportunity to see each other one on one, ask questions relating to Blogging, reveal tips and tricks on how to be a successful blogger, how to make your blog grow, SEO facts and tips, how to earn Big as a blogger from Nigeria. 
We will also have the opportunity to meet with big names in blogosphere that are willing to share their experience and expertise with fellow bloggers. This is a great opportunity to network with other bloggers and meet with possible future partners. All questions about making money online will also be answered

So How do I Attend? 
Attendance to this Bloggers meeting is not strictly by invitation. It is not also free either. The venue for this event need to be paid for. Hence an amount of N2,000 is agreed to be donated by each member willing to attend. 

So is there Gonna be any Refreshment?
Off-course yes! That is what you are paying for. A lot of Chops and drinks will be there live. 

So How can I Be Part Of This? 
If you are not yet a member of BloggersLab, then go to: to join now Follow the discussion about the meet up here and get the payment instruction here. The venue will be communicated across to you after verification of payment because we do not want gate-crashers. 

The first get-together which took place last year at Opebi, Ikeja was a success and I believe this will be more interesting. If you are interested, the earlier the better, because only 35 seats as at the time of writing this post are available at the venue. So, make sure you pay before the day to avoid been locked outside the venue if you managed to gate-crash.
See You There!

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