What is Phishing, How to Identify E-mail SCAM and Avoid It

Phishing according to wikipedia is the act of attempting to acquire personal information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details from people. It is an e-mail fraud scam conducted for the purpose of getting valid information for identity theft. This fraudulent attempt is usually made via emails and they deceive or trick you to steal your personal information. It could be usernames and passwords, Bank details or Credit Card details. Today, i will show you how to identity SCAM emails and avoid them totally in other not to deliver your personal details in the hands of these fraudulent people.

The phisher sends out legitimate looking emails to their victims that looks like they are coming from a well known and trusted site like ebay, Paypal, MSN, Yahoo, Bestbuy, First Bank, GTBank or any local bank website from your country. 

This is How Phishing works.
The perpetrator known as a phisher will send out messages purporting to be from a trusted site, claiming they had a technical problems that would require all their customers to update their account otherwise it would be terminated. 

The perpetrator’s email contains the websites logos and legitimate links. If the recipients clicked on the link provided, they will be taken to a spoofed page of the original website. Asking the victim to login, verify their Credit Card, or enter any personal information to claim your account. If the recipient does so, his has given out his personal details which means, the phisher will gain unauthorized access to your personal account and deprive you of it. 
This was one of the phisers email I got from my email box. They comes in various ways thus.

what is phishing
How to Identify a Phishing Mail.
  • Phishing messages usually take the form of notifications from banks, providers, e-pay system and other well known organizations asking you for your personal information. 
  • They always forge links or hide it with URL link shorten services. Do not click on them, such links are fake. The websites make look similar to the original website of the purported sender but they are fake. If you look at the address, they are normally different. 
  • Also websites where it is safe to enter personal information is always encrypted and begins with https that is, the S stands for Secure. If you don’t see the S, don’t proceed. 
  • They always request personal information from the recipient.
  • They always have a sense of urgency. The phisher would want you to act fast and submit your personal information. 
They normally come with a subject like these 'Urgent! ATM/Account has been disabled' or 'RE OPEN ATTACHMENT DIRECTLY FOR YOUR FUND TO TRANSFER INTO YOUR ACCOUNT' or 'PAYPAL DEPOSIT CONFIRMATION', etc such emails are unsolicited hence you only find them in your spam box. 

What to do when you Receive such Mails.
Ignore and do not reply them either negatively or positively. when you reply these mails, they will now have the opportunity of sending you other mails which will now reach your inbox.

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