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Price of Nokia Phone Solar Charger and where to Buy one in Nigeria

It was recently announced some few days ago by that Nokia has introduced a solar phone charger here in Nigeria and Kenya. Why some folks had argued that, this innovation was a nice move from Nokia to better the usage of their mobile phones in places where there are no electricity, and worry less about their phone batteries going flat. Most people has believe that this innovation is not a new thing in the Nigerian market and it has been existing for quite some years ago. But to be frankly speaking, Nokia has made this solar phone charger a new product in Nigeria. 
solar phone charger

After the announcement of this Nokia solar phone charger in Nigeria, a lot of people are still confuse on how to use this gadget to charge their phones. Whether this solar device could be used to charge other mobile phones like Blackberry, Apple's iPhones, Samsung Smartphones, Androids and others. So also would like to know how much will this beautiful useful gadget cost in Nigeria and where it can be purchased which is the purpose of me writing this. 

The Nokia solar phone charger is very useful for people leaving in rural areas where there is no electricity and the cost of charging a mobile phone using generators are very high. You can just get the solar phone charger along with you when travelling to such areas and it will help you a lot. 

How to use this Nokia Solar Phone Charger:
The Nokia solar phone charger comes with the following kits, 
One USB cable, 
One A/C adapter and 
One extended cable. 

Although if the solar phone charger doesn't come along with all its packages, i would advice you to buy its accessories separately. it that will enable you charge other phones and devices like MP3, MP4, iPods etc aside from Nokia. For example, buy a multi-pin charger (complete set) cable. 

When using this solar charger to charge your mobile phones, you don't need to plug your phone on the charger and put it under the sun. Doing this will rather damage your phone quickly when exposed under the sun. Use this device as you use your solar calculator. It stores power from the sun and you can use this power to charge your phone at any time even in the night. All you ought to do is to put only the solar charger in the sun and when it is fully charged, use it to charge your phone. 

Nokia Solar Phone Charger: Specs, Price and where to buy it:
The Solar phone charger is a thin film panel measuring 165mm x 237mm with a long cable and a 2mm Nokia plug interface. It weigh only 93 grams and highly portable. It is most efficient when charged under direct sunlight for four hours before it attains a full time charge. It can also be used behind a glass window but its less effective as compared to using it direct under the sunlight.

The external portable Nokia charger is fit for mobile phones, digital cameras, PDA, Mp3 and Mp4 player. The charger has a built-in 1350 mAh high capacity rechargeable polymer battery that lets you charge your mobile phones and other rechargeable devices where ever you go. It is convenient and portable to carry too. Don't know if it can charge your laptop too but if it does, please lets hear from you through the comment box below. 

If you are in India, you can buy this solar phone charger device for about Rs 620.00 at with free shipping. As at the time of writing this post, the prices of this device has not been confirmed in Nigeria yet. But according to vanguard, the Dc-40 solar phone charger is said to be available soon in Nigeria at retail outlets across Ikorodu, Ibadan, Ojo/Bagdagry and Ijebu-ode/Sagamu at an estimated price of N2,560 only.

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