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Where to Buy Cheap Blackberry Phones in Nigeria

Blackberry popularly know as BB, is a Brand like Apple, Nokia or Samsung which specializes in making Smartphones similar to mini computers. These smartphone devices are called Blackberry and they are so popular because business people needs smartphones to get their business stuffs on the run. So Blackberry is the perfect device for that. Basically, with your BB you can quickly and easily send or receive emails, ping with friends and associates and functions like a PC but on a phone, a Palm top perhaps.
cheap blackberry
Blackberry is a beautiful phone device every person want to possess, but the price tag has really got a lot of blackberry fans keep off and save their pocket. Today, i will like to tell you where you will be able to get a cheap blackberry and affordable Blackberry phone here in Nigeria.

There are so many stores both online and offline where you can buy a cheap blackberry phone in Nigeria. But i would take this pleasure to list only few of them of which i knew are reliable and will be of help to you.

1.Computer Village at Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria: The Computer Village in Lagos Nigeria is a reliable place to go buy any type of mobile phones you want including cheap Blackberry, tablets, cameras etc. If you need any electronic gadgets or anything related to technology in Nigeria, computer village is the best place to be. Although you have to be very careful to avoid been duped by some touts who hawk phones on the streets because you will end up buying a stolen or dead phone why they run away with your money.

DO NOT buy from those hawking on the street. Go to one of the shops, make sure you test your fairly used blackberry very well and collect a receipt after your payment.  Cheap Blackberry can get you in to trouble.

2. Alaba International Market: Alaba International Market is said to be one of the biggest electronic market in west Africa. You can also get a cheap blackberry phone here to buy. Alaba International Market has recently launched its website and you can now conveniently order your product right from their online store and it will be shipped to your destination. it is very safe to purchase mobile phones, tablets and computers via alaba international market online store. You can read this post i had written on how to purchase electronic gadgets online via alaba international market website.

3. GSM Village, Airport Bus stop, Lagos, Nigeria: This is place also is a nice place to purchase cheap mobile phones including blackberry and tablets. If you visit this place, you will see lots of stores selling cheap fairly used mobile phones.

4. Google Trader: Google Trader is an online marketplace owned by Google where you can buy and sell any types of electronic gadgets. At Google Trader, you can use the search box to search for people that have cheap blackberry phones for sale in Nigeria. If you search for "cheap blackberry", you will see a lot of results containing what you are looking for. The result page contains the sellers Name, Address, Phone Numbers and Price tag. Here is a screenshot i took when searching on Google Trader website for a blackberry phone to buy.

How to buy electronics and phones on google trader

I will advice you to call the seller of what you would like to buy before making any transaction.

4. Slot Limited Nigeria Ikeja: At, you can get the prices of various blackberry phones and iPads to buy. You can find there blackberry phones like BLACKBERRY CURVE 2 (8520), BLACKBERRY 3G CURVE(9300), BLACKBERRY BOLD2 (9700), BLACKBERRY TORCH (9800), BLACKBERRY BOLD TORCH (9900) ETC.

5. DealFish Nigeria: is a trusted online marketplace you can also search for cheap unlocked blackberry phones in Nigeria. There is also a search box on this site which you can use to find the price tag of any type of blackberry phone you want to order. Below is a screenshot of list of blackberry phones i searched for on

How to buy mobile phones and electronics on dealfish

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