How to use Photo funia to Edit your Pictures Online

Photo funia is an online based fun photo editing tool that can help you edit your picture without the need for using adobe photo shop. Photo funia contains a lot of cool, nice and amazing photo effects online you can add your picture on, to make it look like real photo. i just use photo funia for fun and it is really easy to use and you don’t need to download and install any software, just visit the website, select your photo effect and start your work. One amazing thing with photo funia is that, you can use it both on your PC or on your cell phone and it will create your desire photo. photo funia is easy to use and download whether on your PC or Cell Phone.

How to Edit a Picture with Photo Funia online

1. Visit photo funia website here then select the photo effects you like among the available ones by clicking on it. There are over 136 photo effects to choose from. These effects uses face detection technology so it is necessary that the face on the picture you intend to use is facing front. 

2. Once you have selected your desire photo effect page, it will open like this. 

3. Then click on no file and browse the picture from your phone or PC and select it. Click ok after you must have select your picture. (wondering how i took screenshots of my mobile phone? just Click Here to read the post)
Note that, the face on the picture you selected must be front facing and clear just like your passport photograph. photo funia uses a face detection technology. After clicking, it takes just only some few seconds to load depending on the volume and size in kilobytes of your picture. If it is high pixel, it will take time to load. So in other to save time, make your picture small before using it. 

4. The next page shows your picture in the photo effect you selected just click and download it to your phone. Now you can upload your photos to facebook and share it with your friends you can also use it as avatar in forums, HI5 or 2go or other social bookmarking sites.
Below are few of my pictures i edit using photo funia

 I hope you like them? you can also edit amazing picture better than these on photo funia and share them with your friends, family and acquittance.
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