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How to Monetize a Blogger blog with Chitika Ads

Monetizing your blog with chitika ads can add more money to you from your blog especially when you are already making money with Google Adsense. This is because, chitika ads can be place on a blog together with google adsense and you can not be ban by Google because chitika are non textual ads. In this tutorials, you will learn how to add chitika ads to your own blogger blog to earn extra cash.

In other to put chitika ad unit on a blogger blog, you will need to parse the chitika ad code and add it directly into your blogger template. I have made this tutorial is such a way that even a newbie can easily follow.
If you have not already signup for chitika, click here to signup. you must have a blog or website because, they will have to review your site before approval.

How to add Chitika Ads on Blogger blog

The following steps will help you put chitika ad units below your blog post but above the post footer details.

1. Signup with Chitika Ad program if you haven't signup.

2. If you already signup, confirm the message sent to your email. after you have been notified of their approval then log in your account and set up your ad units.

3. Highlight and copy the premium ad code. It needs to be parsed before entering it into the Blogger template so go ahead and paste it into the code window at and click on the encode button as shown in the screen shot below.

add chitika ads to blogger

4. Log in to blogger if not already logged in,

5. Navigate to Layout > Edit HTML

6. And remember to Back up your template by downloading it to your computer so that when you mistakenly delete a script and your template malfunction, you can easily retrieve the one you download.

7. Tick/Check the Expand Widgets Template box

8. Find the following line of code in your template, just copy the code below and paste into the search tool (Use CTRL + F)


or if you can't find that code, try this one instead


9. Copy the parsed Chitika code from and paste it into your Blogger template immediately below the above code line in your blog template

10. Click Save Template

11. Click on the View Blog link to view your ad unit.

Note: Chitika ads are served to only visitor from North America, so if your IP is not from that region, you will not be able to see the ad unit on your blog. But if you need to know whether your ads are working then do the following. Add the following script code at the end of your blog URL address in your browser to see your ad unit.



If you will like to place your chitika ad units in another location on your blog other than below your post, you don't need to parse the code. Just copy and paste it directly in to a widget on your blogger that's all

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