How a Nigerian can open Clickbank Account easily in Nigeria

If you have a blog or website, you can be making lots of money through affiliate marketing apart from Google Adsense. Through affiliate marketing, you will help advertise a merchants product on your site by placing an advertising link that takes the buyer to the merchants products. And you receive a commission for every click converted, that is if the buyer purchase the product through the link from your website, you will be paid a commission.
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Clickbank is one of the best affiliate network but its unfortunate that as at the time of writing this post one domiciled in Nigeria can not participate in this network but nevertheless you can still open an account with Clickbank using the following method indirectly stated below. You should read my updated info on How to register a Clickbank account in Nigeria using a UK address.

Clickbank is an online marketplace where you earn commissions for making sales on the products you promote through your website in the clickbank marketplace. it is a website that contains advertisers products for sale and when you help these advertisers make any sales, you will also be paid commission for a job well done. you can earn with clickbank through affiliate or reseller commission.

How to Open a Clickbank Account in Nigeria

There are two methods used to open a click bank account in Nigeria, one method is safe while the other method comes with a risk. the safest method is to open a clickbank account using an address abroad while the other method is to open a clickbank account through Graphcard.

Note that, using a foreign address from US is now risky because, you will be ask to submit a US Tax Clearance Code before you can get your Clickbank check. And the US Tax Clearance Code is only available to residents in the US. So read this post instead How to open a Clickbank account from Nigeria using a UK address.

Method 1. Opening Clickbank Account via an address abroad

when opening a clickbank account, a US address or any foreign address which Clickbank reaches is very necessary. this can be the address of your relation, friend or anyone you trust abroad. All you need to do is to inform him/her that you need the address for this purpose (Clickbank) and if you succeed, use the address to open your clickbank account. with this, you can successfully run your account, promote products and earn your commission.

Method 2. Opening Clickbank Account via Graphcard

In case you don't have anybody living abroad, then i think this method is for you. You will need the services of Graphcard will offer you a foreign virtual address, US telephone number and the ability to use VISA card. A virtual address is a specific and personalized US address issued by graphcard for about $5 monthly fee.

Registering with Graphcard is free, but you will have to pay $10 if you need the US address and phone number to open a Clickbank account. To fund your Graphcard account, you will need to signup with Virtual Terminal Network (VTN) and pay the money into the Nigerian bank accounts provided by this website. After which you can transfer your VTN funds to Graphcard and from there, you will be able to purchase a virtual address with the money transferred to your Graphcard account via VTN.

Once your graphcard account is funded, you will have your own virtual address delivered to you instantly in less than 10 seconds in this format:

PMB: 1212,8101
Sandy Spring Road
Suite 220, Laurel MD

After receiving your US address, head over to and open your account with it. when ask for the payee name. just put LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC. in the payee box as stated in the US address given to you by Graphcard that is where your check will be sent to. fill in your own real name in the first and last name boxes and other necessary info etc. in less than 10 minutes, you will now have your own Clickbank account to start promoting products and earning commissions.

I hope this info helps, please share this post with your friends and loved ones by clicking the share button. If you have any questions to ask, please use the comment box below. in my next post, i will be writing on how to receive your check from Clickbank and withdraw your money here in Nigeria, How to buy a US address with your Fastecash account and more so subscribe to this post below if you don't want to miss any future post again.


  1. please how can pay for the address

    1. You can use your Credit card or if you have a paypal and they do accept the payment, you can use it to pay for the address as well


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