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Globacom network Users still Browsing Free legally on their Pc and Phones

I was chatting with friends on facebook via bloggerslab some few days back, a friend of mine asked all glo users to check whether they are given free mb just like the free 15MB etisalat Network gives their easy cliq subscribers each time they load N200 etisalat recharge card or more. Airtel Nigeria has also recently unveil a similar package called Airtel club 10 dashing out 10MB for its customers upon recharge of N200.

So when i checked mine, i was told by the voice prompt that my data balance is 2034367...kb. i converted it and it was almost 2GB waoo i couldn't believe it but it was true. then i started browsing and downloading and the speed was supper fast. Below i will like to show how to check yours so that you will start browsing free like we do.

If you are a Globacom Nigeria subscriber, i will like to reveal a hidden free package which most glo users don't know about. Do you know that each time you recharge N500 you get 25MB free and 50MB free when you recharge with N1000? For you to get this free MB, you must have to buy a recharge card worth N500 and above, scratch and load it directly in your sim. You will not get the freebie if someone transferred the credit to your Glo line, load it in this format N200 + N200 + N100 to make it N500, or even if you load through an ATM machine. you will not get it that way.

So if you have been loading N500 recharge card and above then it is obvious that you have those free MB waiting for you to utilize

So, How Do I Know if i have these Free MB?

Just dial 124, then press 1 or 1241 only to listen to the voice prompt telling you your balance.  You have to take note of the data balance so get a pen and write it down as been said.  The data balance will be given in KB.
After writing it down, then convert it to MB. thus 1000KB = 1MB and 1000MB = 1GB

You can only browse free if given the data balance otherwise, you can not.

SO if you have the free data balance, you will have to configure your glo modem and phone with the settings below before you will be able to browse.

Glo Modem Configuration settings 

Connection Name : glodirect  or any name you want
APN   :    glosecure 
Username : gprs 
Password :  gprs

After configuring your device, restart the modem and connect with the settings above. That's all.

If you don't know how to configure your modem, click here to read this article

If your glo nigeria simcard is not yet activated with gprs/Edge/3G settings, then click here to learn how to do it

If you still don't know how to configure your phone, read this article on how to configure your Nokia with glo nigeria internet settings

Please take note that as at the time of writing this article, i learn't that the free internet data when accumulated on your GLO line will expire after 1 week but it would appear again if you recharge your account before the week is over, the free data will rollover for another week.
You will have to use the Glosecure Access point if you want to browse with your phone

How to Check for your glo free internet balance

Unlike the regular method for checking your glo data balance by send Info to 127, you will simply have to call 1241 to listen carefully for your data balance.

Big shout out to my friend Jide of who reveal this useful info to me

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