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Microsoft Mouse Touch for Windows 7

As technology advances so are electronic gadgets. After decades of dependable point-and-click mouse service, a joint effort between Microsoft Research Redmond, Microsoft Research Cambridge and Microsoft Applied Sciences Group introduced Mouse Touch, a makeover of the former Mouse. The result is to introduce Windows 7 users to a new way of interacting with their PC. The new Microsoft Touch Mouse combines the virtues of the old familiar mouse which has been continually optimized since the 1960s with multi-touch gestures. this new mouse offers millions of people who use Windows 7 a natural way to navigate the operating system easier and freely. said Scott Rockfeld, director of product management for Microsoft Hardware.

“This is the first time we ’ve married the control and precision of a mouse with the interactivity that touch delivers on your PC,” he said. “We give you control of your PC that you can feel in your fingertips.”

The Touch Mouse lets users do everything they are used to doing with a mouse, such as point and click, but adds multi-touch functionality that helps them navigate Windows 7 easier and faster with a flick of their fingers, said Hrvoje Benko, a researcher with Microsoft Research (MSR) Redmond who helped develop the Touch Mouse. This mouse is designed to optimize your experience with Windows 7,” he said. “The tasks you do every day, minimizing and maximizing windows, scrolling through Web pages, opening document and folders, click hold and dragging etc, all that functionality is available right at the top of the mouse with a touch of a finger.”

Features of the new Mouse Touch

With the new Mouse Touch, users can navigate in a variety of ways:

1. One finger allows users to scroll 360 degrees through the document they are in.

2. Two fingers allow them to manage the active window they are using and perform tasks such as maximizing and minimizing windows or snapping them left or right.

3. Three fingers allow users to manage their whole desktop by switching between different tasks or clearing all open windows.

4. A flick of the thumb allows users to move forward and back in programs such as Internet Explorer, PowerPoint, and Windows Photo Viewer.

Hidden inside the Touch Mouse’s deceptively simple design is more than two years of cross-company research. The product evolved from the Mouse 2.0 project, a joint effort started in 2008 by Microsoft Research teams in Redmond and Cambridge  and the Applied Sciences Group from Microsoft Hardware.

Touch Mouse is part of Microsoft Hardware’s effort to bring touch to millions of Windows 7 users. Other examples are the Explorer Touch Mouse, the Arc Touch Mouse, and the soon-to-be-released Touch Mouse Artist Edition.

“The Touch Mouse is our stake in the ground with multi-touch PC input devices, and it’s really just the beginning of things to come,” Benko said.

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