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How to send jar applications via MMs on java Phones

It has been very difficult if not impossible to send .jar files form java phones to other devices that supports jar files. especially when a java mobile phone recognizes a copyright protected jar application software, once it is installed a key is attached to it and you won't be able to send a copy of it through bluetooth to other mobile devices just as Symbian phones does. Today i will show you how to successfully transfer a .jar file from one java phone to another.

In other to carry out this tutorial successfully, the following  items must exist
That the receiver must have BLUEFTP on his phone
The sender must have the application in zip format and BLUEFTP
BLUEFTP is a mobile software

Steps to follow

1. Put the application in a zip format in a separate folder and use blueftp to extract it. after extracting, the application will be in this format opera mini_jar or in number format sometimes

2. Rename it with the blueftp from opera mini_jar to opera mini.amr then save it.

3. Locate where the folder is stored and send it to any body through MMS.
Note that both the sender and the receiver's phone devices must support and be MMS configured.

4. After receiving the message, the receiver should press option then locate object then save the application in .amr format to any folder. after that use your blueftp to rename the file from .amr to _jar that is from opera mini.amr to operamini_jar not .jar

5. Go to the folder and rename the same file to .jar. you are good to go

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