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How to Configure your Browsers manually with IP and PORT

In this tutorial, i want to show you how to insert IPs and port manually in your browser when it is required to use any free browsing software like Privoxy, proxomitron and the rest. sometimes it is required that you use a particular IP and port in your browser before you can be able to browse free with the free browsing software in question. inside this post i will be touching on most browsers common to internet users.

How to Configure Internet explorer

1. Open your internet explorer and click on Tools = Network option. see result page below

2. Click on Connections = Settings. see result page below

3. After doing step 2, a pop up window will appear like this. see below

4. Tick Use Proxy Server for connection, and enter the IP and Port given to you. as exhibited below. Address means IP

5. Then click save and exit

How to configure Mozilla fire fox browser

1. Open mozilla fire fox through the icon on your system desktop
2. When it opens click on Tools = Option
3. Then Click Network = Settings as shown in the image below.

4. Choose Manual Configuration and insert the IP and Port given to you.

Note that HTTP PROXY means IP and PORT or PROXY PORT means PORT
5. Then Tick Use Proxy Server for all Protocols the save and exit.

To configure other browsers like Chrome, Safari, Flock, Netscape, Crazy browser, Opera mini etc just follow the steps stated above and you should be able to put yourself through. if still have any problem just drop a comment and i will reply as soon as possible

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