Subscription Code for activating Mtn Nigeria Internet Data Bundle

Below are the internet subscription plans, prices and their activation codes for MTN Nigeria data bundles in Nigeria. Mtn Nigeria has two basic internet subscription plans, one for mobile phones and the other for PC or computer or lets call it internet because in my post i use internet in reference. But it really doesn't matter which one you subscribe to as they both perform the same function whether you intend to use it on your phone or computer. 

Mtn (mobile)
Amount Activation codes Size Duration Check balance
N1,000.00 Text 106 to 131 100mb monthly text 2 to 131
N100.00 text 104 to 131 10mb daily text 2 to 131
N500.00 text105 to 131 25mb weekly text 2 to 131

Mtn (Internet)
Amount Activation codes Size Duration Check balance
N500.00 Text 103 to 131 150mb daily text 2 to 131
N8,000.00 text 101 to 131 5gb monthly text 2 to 131
N6000.00 text107 to 131 3gb day time 9am-6pm text 2 to 131
N2,500.00 text 102 to 131 3gb night 9pm-9am text 2 to 131
N3,000.00 text 108 to 131 3gb weekend 9am fri.-9pm mon text 2 to 131

These are the few activation codes for mtn browsing. hope you find it useful,

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