How to Stop cyber cafe time with Process Suspender

Sometimes your are on a system in a cafe browsing, but the network is very poor and you know your time will definitely not be running slow, what will you do?. You have just finished reading your mails, and you want to log out and there is no time for that, what will you do? You are about to read an important page and there is no time for that, what will you do? There are so many things you want to do when browsing that your cafe time client keep reminding you 5 minutes remaining or times up. but today after reading this topic, i promise you that time will never be a hindrance to you when browsing in a cafe. you can pause your time and finish whatever you are doing totally using this stunning software called process suspender.

This method works at cafe that uses only users name and password.

1. Buy your cafe time, and put it in the box provided.

2. Before you click the enter button just hold the (ctrl) and press the enter button at the same time

3. You will be logged in as suppose but with a special trick.
note you can get any amount of minutes you like.

4. Finally after the time you got is finished don't be scared just go and log in with the same user name and press only the enter key and you will be logged in with the same amount as the first time.
Note you can log in with the same details as many times as you can within 3days after 3days the card will expire

This method works at cafe where task manager is enabled

After you have logged in with your normal time just do this trick, hold ctrl + alt + del at the same time after that a window will appear with some other sub window. Among the toolbar at the top right core of the window you will see every programs running on the system then with it, you can pause or stop the time but i ll advice you to always pause in other not to make it suspicious.

What if the windows task manager is disabled?

If task manager is disabled, Download process suspender or process freezer through Google search, unzip and open the software, it function like a task manager, locate your time eg. cafe client, cyber clock, timer, time out cafe etc right click and then click pause. that's all. but know that you are on your own, doing this at your own peril.

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  1. How to prevent this shit im a cafe owner.. I saw someone downloaded this


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