Download Android Games, Apps and More from Tecno Official Website

Google Play is an app store for all Android phones running on Android OS. At Google play store, you can download all sort of Android games and other application like the RAM Expander apps that will increase the RAM of your Android phone up to 4GB. But that is not the only place you can get apps for your Android especially Tecno phones. Tecno Telecom has an official website that provides so many application for all type of tecno smartphones.

Due to my review on the latest tecno phones in the market and their prices, i came to realize that, the better place to get Android apps for your tecno phone is to visit the Tecno official app store. Though i have nothing against Google play, but just trying to let you know the official android download center for Tecno phones is also available and you should check it out. Just like Blackberry World is the download centre for blackberry phones and itunes is the download centre for iPhones, Tecno also got theirs.

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The official website for tecno phones is www.tecno-mobile.com/, but you can access the tecno phone download portal by clicking here.
Also note that, new tecno android phones comes pre-installed with a lot of apps needed for day to day activities like operamini, whatsapp, games etc. so you don't need to worry except if there is a particular apps you wish to have, then visit the download portal to get it. But if you can't find it there, then Google Play will be your last resort.

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