Slot Limited Nigeria Ikeja: Price list of iPads and where to buy one in Nigeria

I have been working so hard and saving to buy an iPad device for myself, that will help ease my blogging work and guess where am getting it? Slot Nigeria Limited. This is an online store where you can buy a lot of electronic gadgets like different types and models of cell phones ranging from Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, iPhones, iPods, Sony Erricsson, Apple, iPad and the rest. Slot Nigeria limited is located in Ikeja and on the website, you can get price list of different types of iPads and other cell phones to buy. the prices varies depending on their models, types and quality.

You can visit the website at http://slotlimited.com and search for the types of gadgets you want and their prices. they are arranged by  categories. for prices of Ipad, Click here to see the current prices of Apple Ipads at Slot Limited in Nigeria.
This is how an iPad looks like, a pretty nice device huh?

It is a tablet computer device for web surfing, playing games, reading emails, PDF reader and very portable. it also has useful accessories, other features and applications etc.

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