The New Mtn Mobile Internet Plan for Iphone and Android users

Mtn Nigeria has decided to launch a new internet plan for its mobile internet subscribers. this data plan is most suitable for mobile phone Iphones and Android users but they can also be used on laptops and ipads. In one of my post, i provided two basic MTN internet subscription plans, one for mobile phones and the other internet subscription plan for pc or computer. But mtn has now brought out new mobile internet plans added to its existing ones which i will provide respectively. Below are the existing and new mobile internet subscription plans, prices and their activation codes for mtn data bundles in Nigeria.

Mtn Nigeria Mobile
Amount Activation codes Size Duration Check balance
N1000.00 text 106 to 131 100mb monthly text 2 to 131
N100.00 text 104 to 131 10mb daily text 2 to 131
N500.00 text 105 to 131# 25mb weekly text 2 to 131

The New Mtn Nigeria Mobile Plan
Amount Activation codes Size Duration Check balance
N1,300.00 text 109 to 131
250mb monthly text 2 to 131
N2,000.00 text 110 to 131
500mb monthly text 2 to 131
N3,500.00 text 111 to 131
1gb monthly text 2 to 131

Note that all this are Monthly plans and they are not restricted only to mobile phones, you can also use them to browse on your pc. this message was received from mtn website and i called their customer care and it was confirmed

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