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Google’s AutoDraw App Teaches You How To Draw Like A Pro

Google’s auto draw app is one of the most interesting Google services you can find on the internet including Google drawing and others. Google recently lunched the autodraw web app which uses machine learning algorithms to match your aimless sketch with professional drawings to make it look exactly like what you are willing to draw. The Google Autodraw app helps you draw any object very easy like a professional when you are not.

draw like a pro Google autodraw app
The autodraw app makes drawing easier and faster for everyone even a complete newbie who knows nothing about drawing on a computer using a mouse.

Apple iPad Pro, It's Features, Specs and Price in Nigeria

Apple iPad Pro is another elegant gadget which was launched few weeks ago by the Apple.Inc company. Apple iPad Pro comes with a lot of amazing features and specifications just that what amaze me the most is the cost at which this device is sold in the market.

The Apple iPad Pro is certainly for big boys who need swaggering because you need to cough out alot of money to purchase the iPad. The Apple iPad Pro comes in versions; That is, the Apple iPad Pro with Wi-Fi + Cellular (3G/LTE) and the Apple iPad Pro with only Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi, w/o GPS).

Want to Know What Song is that Playing on your TV or Radio?

Have you ever tried to find what song is it that is playing on your radio or TV but you don't know how to? I have on many occasion until i find out this easy methods on how to find the name of that song playing without even knowing its lyrics. Yes you don't need to know the lyrics of the song before you know what song is it.

what song is it
Here i will show you how and in what ways i was able to find the name of any song i listen to then download or purchase them quickly to my phone for my listening pleasure.

Taking a Closer Look at the Huawei P10: The New Best Android Smartphone?

It's been nearly a month since Chinese tech giant Huawei launched its newest flagship smartphone, the P10, at MWC 2017 and experts all around the world are calling it the new best Android smartphone on the market.
best android smartphone

Undoubtedly, the phone is an excellent piece of technology that ticks all the relevant boxes; from a gorgeous design, to thoroughly impressive performance.

New Nokia 3310: Price, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

Weeks ago we talked about the revamped Nokia 3310 which was first released back then in year 2000. The new Nokia 3310 as stated before is equipped with more powerful features compared with its predecessor. It will come with more than 10 times the battery life of its former version, a more improved camera and a color screen.

nokia 3310
If you are willing to ditch the modern technology and return to the old days of technology using text messages, credit, polyphonic ringtones, snake game or you just need a simple phone with strong battery life as a backup phone, then here is what you are expected to see in the new Nokia 3310.

Why you need Mesothelioma Attorney When Diagnosed with Mesothelioma Cancer

A mesothelioma attorney is a lawyer that is well experienced in handling court litigation related to mesothelioma and asbestos cancer patients. A patient who is suffering from mesothelioma cancer or asbestos cancer related illness has the right to use his mesothelioma attorney to sue his former company if he has concrete records to prove he was exposed to asbestos cancer which has affected his health.

mesothelioma lawyer
When a mesothelioma lawyer is contacted, they will ask series of questions and need answers to ascertain the possibility of them wining the compensation for you.

How to Save Money for a Purpose Via GT Target Account

GT Target account is what you need to save money for a future purpose. Are you a spendthrift who wish to control the habit of spending money recklessly? Are you the type that spend a lot of money without saving, then latter regret why you spend that much? Or do you have a future project in mind and you wish to save money toward achieving that project? Are you planing to save money for a wedding, building a house or buying your desire car?

saving for a purpose
If yes, then you should use GT Target account to save money for your future plans.