Does Google New Page Level Ads increases RPM? How to add it on your blogger blog

Have you head about the new page level and sticky ads introduced by Google Adsense for its publishers? Although this new level ads was released some months ago but only enabled for few adsense publisher because it was in its testing mode just like the Google Matched Content Adsense features.

add overlays ads to blogger

But i think it is now available for most publishers and you can see it immediately you log in your Adsense dashboard. Today, i will show you how to add sticky adsense page level ads to your blogger blogs without much coding.


GTBank now increases international spending limits on Naira MasterCard

GTBank has recently made an upward review of international spending limits on their Naira MasterCard when used to withdraw outside Nigeria or when used for online payments. Including the GTBank virtual MasterCard for safe online shopping introduced recently by the bank.

GTBank official logo

We can recall late last year, there was a $1000 withdrawal limited placed by GTBank on their customers (who want to use their Naira MasterCard to withdraw money or make payments in dollars) due to the non availability of dollar currency.


Keep fit with Jiji.ng fitness & health products

Jiji.ng is a website, which can become your best shopping friend. It is a website with huge collection of advertisements left by people from all over the country and distributed between numerous categories. You can also buy fairly used cars very cheap on jiji together with other nice electronic gadgets and tools.

post ad on jiji

When you visit Jiji.ng, you can easily search, find and buy everything you can think of online. Such diversity in selection and convenience in using makes Jiji platform is very similar to a real market.


This Hand Gun can be Folded into a Smartphone

Technology can never reach its peak as we can see the unimaginable things we watch in Sci-Fi tech movies of James Bond been invented in real life. Who could have imagine a hand pistol would one day be conceal to look like a Smartphone?

smartphone conceal hand gun
Yes we got something real like the picture you see above invented by Kirk Kjellberg who gave a very good reason for having a device like this in public when he is on duty.

MTN BBLITED Stopped, MTN Music Plus 6GB for Just N600 Takes Over

It's no news that the MTN BBLITED have stopped working for some android users out there why others are still rocking it even when its going slow. But we are here to update you on a new way to browse if not free but cheap using your MTN line. The best alternative to MTN bblited is the recent MTN Music Plus that gives you 6GB for just N600 naira.

subscribe to mtn music plus for 6GB

If you recall then, we rocked the MTN Music Plus of 150MB using SyphonShield but this recent one gives you up to 6GB to browse and download or stream movies online.


How To Get a Payoneer Master Card Here in Nigeria Free of Charge

Payoneer MasterCard is one of the best global payment system even better than Paypal in one aspect or the other. Why i love Payoneer card is because, you can get paid easily into your account, and use their debit MasterCard to purchase online and in stores, or even withdraw the cash at ATMs that supports Mastercard worldwide.  Also Read: How i got a Payoneer MasterCard via Infolinks.

 payoneer mastercard in nigeria application process

The Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card is issued by Choice Bank Limited, Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd ("WDCS"). It is a payment service that is globally acceptable by big online companies. One good thing about Payoneer services is that, you can get the Payoneer MasterCard even in Nigeria for free without paying a kobo.

Learn How to Monetize your Site With Google Matched Content Unit Ads

If any of your blogs has been approved for displaying matched content ads by Google Adsense, then you should start generating matched content ads from your Google Adsense account. Matched content Ads was introduced by the Adsense group which displays as recommended articles and can now generate earnings when ads are also displayed within.

implement google matched content ads
image credit: adsense.blogspot.com
The matched content ads now helps its publishers earn more money because these ads are styled to complement the look and feel of recommended articles.